Lake Ontario Sunset No. 653



     The journey is as important as the final destination, especially in this time of Covid. How we act and interact with others puts new meaning to being a citizen of the world. Staying local reduces risk, and creates a challenge to find hidden gems we pass every day without a second thought.

     Moving up through film into today's digital world, most of my experience has been through trial & error, books (old school style), and more recently on-line videos (I highly recommend YouTube for learning and fine tuning new techniques) as well as some great photography classes at the Toledo Museum of Art and local colleges.

     With over 40 years environmental engineering experience I've been afforded tremendous opportunities to travel and experience nature. Since retiring in 2018, after 23 years as Executive Director of Environment, Health & Safety for the University of Michigan, I now have the time to pursue my passion for photography and explore the natural wonders here in Michigan.  

     Born in South Dakota, raised in Minnesota, I've lived in New Jersey, Texas, North Dakota, Washington, Idaho, Illinois, Ohio, and now reside in Michigan with Kathleen, my wonderful wife of 38 years. Travels include 47 of the 50 states (missing only Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire) as well as a number of countries including numerous trips to our wonderful neighbors in the Canadian great white north, the Azores, Portugal, Germany, a magical month in Australia and Tasmania, and 2 weeks in Ireland.

     Please join me in exploring Michigan’s nature areas, and beyond when travel allows.

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